Refreshing Your Soul

As Spiritual Leaders we understand that we are “Triune Beings”—spirit, soul and body. We seem to do well with the spirit and body.  The soul however we often minimize, overlook, and neglect its needs.

The soul is our heart, our will, feelings, and emotions. There are many illustrations throughout the Bible of those with weary, distressed and downcast souls.

I believe the main culprit is our busy and sometimes out of control schedule; a workload that can be overwhelming and not always managed properly.

After coming off an 8-week Sabbatical these three things were necessary for me to recover my weary, heavy and burdened soul.

You have to talk to your soul (Psalm 42:5).

A major frontend part of your recovery and restoration is acknowledging your weary soul. We need to be transparent enough to call it like it is, “My soul is about to snap!” I refused to admit that I was in burnout after 32 years of ministry without proper disciplines in place to protect my soul.

Remember you are only human (Matthew 19:26).

In Matthew 19, Jesus says, “Humanly speaking it’s impossible…” Wayne Cordeiro, in his book Leading on Empty says, “We don’t forget that we are Christians, but we do forget that we are human.” I don’t care how smart, talented, or physically fit you maybe, if you are neglecting your soul, sooner or later you will run out of gas. Wayne explains the importance of replenishing the Serotonin levels that come only though proper REST!

You need rhythm (Hebrews 4:1).

You and I need to rest, recover, and restore our souls. Even Jesus stopped and rested often. The Sabbath was introduced to us in Genesis 2 where God rested, to model for us a rhythm of work and rest.

My sabbatical was necessary for me to learn how to REST. I am happy to say my life has been changed, my calling and vision for the church restored, and most important to me, I’m learning and practicing, balance and rhythm.


Additional Recommended Reading: Replenish By Lance Witt



Randy Czyz has served as lead pastor of Word of Life Assembly of God in Baldwinsville, NY since 1992 and also served the New York Ministry Network as a Presbyter and Executive Presbyter for 12 years.


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